Why We Rock

DeskPop Entertainment was created to offer a dynamic scope of original content ranging from light-hearted genre entertainment to thought-provoking, mission-driven cinema designed to stir up engaging conversation.

With a staff that has worked in the distribution space for over 20 years, we have been involved with every aspect of film releasing, including Theatrical, VOD, DVD, Non-Theatrical, Broadcast, and international licensing. We understand that no two films are released with the same formula, and we work with all major accounts on the Transactional, Subscription, and ad-supported platforms to cater your film for the best fitting placement. Personalizing each film release with our filmmakers and distributor clients to ensure their titles are placed appropriately and widely is as big of a priority as getting our platform clients the best content that suits their audience’s needs. Collectively, we have worked with thousands of filmmakers and Star Talent understand the tough process to get to this point of release, so we are thrilled to take on the heavy lifting from here to make sure the audience it was meant to reach sees your great film.

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